Infrastructure announcement benefits Providence residents

Infrastructure announcement benefits Providence residents

For those city bound, the commute could be cut dramatically as the Government announces plans to upgrade Providence’s closest major arterial.

The Tullamarine Freeway is set to undergo an $850 million dollar upgrade with plans to boost the road’s capacity by up to 30 percent.

The two-year project which is scheduled to commence next year will upgrate CityLink between the Westgate Freeway and Essendon Airport on the Tullamarine Freeway, specifically by adding extra lanes covering 33 kilometres between the Bolte Bridge and Tullamarine Fwy, north of Englis Street.

There are also talks of extending these works to widen Tullamarine Freeway from Melrose Drive to the Airport.

The upgrade also plans to include new traffic management tools such as speed signs above all lanes, stop and go signals on ramps and more CCTV cameras.

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Photo Source: Fairfax Media

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