A proud legacy

Our founder, Nev Pask, was recognised as one of Australia’s most respected property developers and businessmen, receiving the Centenary Medal and the UDIA 2016 Allen Vogen Distinguished Service Award. Together with his wife Barbara, they were a formidable team and created a remarkable legacy.

Born in the shadow of the Great Depression and living through WW2, they were part of a unique generation of Australians; hard working, resilient and independent. They were great savers and lived well within their means in times that were often very difficult, particularly in the early years.

Nev seemed to naturally possess the ‘ingredients’ to be a successful entrepreneur and although he did not start his career in the property industry until his mid 30’s, his early farm life, work ethic and ‘apprenticeships’ in running a number of small businesses invested him with what he thought was the greatest degree anyone could have; common sense.

After spending his early childhood in Brisbane, his family moved to Mt Larcom where he worked on the family farm as well as undertaking various seasonal work such as cane cutting and wool pressing. He left home and moved to Sydney when he was 18 and always managed to find work, ranging from various factory jobs to lithographic printing. Nev also found time to pursue a promising amateur boxing career.

After many years of saving Nev bought a run down dry cleaning business and then a milk run. After building up and then selling these businesses, Nev returned with his family to Queensland in the mid 1960’s and settled on the Redcliffe Peninsula, where he bought a caravan park and real estate agency, Evans Real Estate. He quickly turned around the underperforming agency and his down to earth country charm, love of a good laugh and ability to relate to anyone meant he had found his niche in property. His development career also started in Redcliffe and gradually expanded to developing residential in South East Queensland, with Arise at Rochedale perhaps representing his proudest achievement in the industry.

Nev also made a significant contribution to various philanthropic causes, particularly at Redcliffe, including his ongoing work and patronage for over 40 years with the Police Citizen’s Youth Club, which provided him with great satisfaction in helping many young men find their way.

No one achieves anything by themselves and he could not have built the business without the support of his wife, family, his loyal team at Pask as well as the professionals and colleagues from private practice and government that he worked with over so many years, many of whom became good friends. He mentored so many people in and outside of the industry, who have continued to follow his philosophies to achieve their own success.

Managing Director, Dean Pask, who has expanded and diversified the group’s operations for over 25 years, continues to respect the company’s legacy and build upon the reputation of Pask for the next generation, supported by a dedicated and experienced team.

We are proud of our heritage and are unwavering in our commitment to our customers and stakeholders. We are committed to build upon our legacy so we can continue to create places for generations of Australians to live and work.



As we strive to set benchmarks and create thriving local communities, we are proud to have been recognised with various industry awards including;

2016 Winner UDIA Allen Vogan Distinguished Service Award – Nev Pask

2013 Winner UDIA Landscape Award – Napoli Park – Providence

2013 Hume Business Award for Excellence in the Provision of Creative Open Space – Napoli Park – Providence

2010 Winner UDIA Residential Development of 250 lots or fewer – Affinity, Berwick

2010 Winner UDIA Affordable Development of 250 lots or fewer – Affinity, Berwick